Begun in 1985 as a literacy program utilizing visual art books to teach English to children from mainland China, SEQ ART KIDS has, in the last quarter-century, grown into a full-fledged integrated arts education program. SEQ ART KIDS is a proven success and has been presented in dozens of NYC public schools.

SEQ ART KIDS workshops are available to all NYC public schools and are proven to:
* Develop a professional level of artistic competence.
* Build written, spoken, and non-verbal communication and social skills.
* Spark innate abilities for decision-making and constructive criticism.
* Train motor abilities.
* Promote ecological awareness.
* Instill pride throughout a school and its community.
* Inspire insight into international cultures.
* Help students control their processes of memory by reflecting on their own biographies and correlating their lives to art and other aspects of society.